Feel Great Lose Weight - US Edition

Dr Chatterjee has created a conscious, long-lasting approach to weight loss that helps to find the best solutions that work for you.



Five Ways to Make Changes that Stick

It’s arguably pretty easy to make short-term changes to your health: giving up alcohol for Dry January, forgoing chocolate for Lent or smashing your first month’s gym membership, say. But we all know what really counts is making those positive ch...


3D Hip Extension – Wake up your sleepy glutes

MOVEMENT 4 – 3D Hip Extension ‘3D Hip Extension’ is the final movement from the ‘Wake up your sleepy glutes’ ...


Wake up your sleepy glutes FAQs: A conversation with Gary Ward

para Also see the full Wake up your sleepy glutes video series: para DISCLAIMER: The content in this blog is not intended to cons...


4 tips that may help your back pain

para Back pain can be extremely debilitating. It is always worth going to see your doctor to rule out serious causes. Thankfully, the major...


Introducing the 5 Minute Kitchen Workout

 Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go to the gym to have an effective workout. My 5 minute kitchen workout is an easy (and fre...


4 simple tips to help your headaches

Headaches can be extremely debilitating. Around 90% of us will suffer from a headache in any given year. There can be some serious secondary cause...


Live in Manchester with Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin

I am here live in Manchester with Strength Sensei – world famous strength coach Charles Poliquin …any questions?Posted by on Thursda...