The Clinic

Dr. Chatterjee sees patients privately in Manchester, England. Initial consultations last 60–75 minutes so that he can take a full, detailed history as well as come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

His integrative medical approach combines the best of nutritional science, conventional medicine and advanced diagnostics to find the root cause of illness.

He investigates and treats a wide range of conditions including diabetes, skin problems, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, stress management, insomnia, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems as well as food intolerances.

He also has a passion for preventive medicine and optimising one’s health span.

He has a keen interest in the health of the gut microbiome and his BSc Honours Degree in Immunology helps him navigate this complex and exciting new field.

He works with a wide variety of people from those with specific health issues to those who simply wish to optimise their performance.

Dr. Chatterjee is currently holding a waiting list for new patients. He anticipates this opening in late spring 2017. If you would like to go onto the waiting list, please use the contact form at the side of this page.