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The Clock Workout 3/3: Core Clocks

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  December 26, 2019

Movement 3 – Core Clocks

The Clock Workout is one of the many 5 minute workouts from my book Feel Better in 5. Much of our lives are spent moving our bodies in only one direction. Whether we’re sitting on a chair, flexing our neck up and down to look at screens or moving between floors by going up and down stairs, we’re drastically limited in our range of motions. Our bodies were designed to move in 3 dimensions, yet modern life forces us to largely move in only one. The Clock Workout is a series of 3 movements that can help with general body mobility, shoulder problems, elbow pain, hip stiffness and back discomfort. They are also brilliant for those of us who like to be active but spend a lot of time during the day sitting down. For detailed written instructions on how to do each movement, please see pages 179-185 of my book, Feel Better in 5.

This video demonstrates the first out of three movements in ‘The Clock Workout’ – it is called Core Clock. This exercise will get your glutes working in every possible direction. It can help if you have pain or stiffness, but will also improve strength. This movement prioritises functionality over looks, but the simple fact is that when your bottom muscles are firing more efficiently, their shape will almost always improve. This is a really fun and enjoyable movement to do. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

The Clock Workout Series:

  1. Lunge Clocks
  2. Shoulder Clocks
  3. Core Clocks


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