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Dr Chatterjee has created a conscious, long-lasting approach to weight loss that helps to find the best solutions that work for you.

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I want to empower you to become the architect of your own health. Because when you feel better, you live more.

Since its launch in January 2018, my ‘Feel Better, Live More’ podcast has grown rapidly to become the Number 1 health podcast in the UK & Europe. It regularly tops the Apple Podcast charts, has been downloaded over 19 million times and has over 5000 reviews on Apple podcasts with an average 5 star rating.

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Why Women Are More Likely to Develop Alzheimer’s with Dr Lisa Mosconi

Women’s brain health remains one of the most under-researched, under-diagnosed and undertreated fields of medicine. Women are twice as likel...


The Surprising Truth About Exercise with Professor Daniel Lieberman

Today’s episode will change the way you feel about exercise – and yourself. Do you ever feel guilty for taking the lift instead of the stairs? For...


Wim Hof on Waking Up to Your True Potential

CAUTION ADVISED: This podcast contains swearing from the start. How long could you last in a freezing-cold shower? And for how long could you c...


How to Win at Life Without Losing Yourself with Dr Pippa Grange

Today’s episode is all about fear and how it holds us back in all aspects of our life. My guest is psychologist, Dr Pippa Grange, who has been hai...


How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy with Dr Jenna Macciochi

What does immunity mean to you? In today’s Feel Better Live More podcast, researcher and lecturer, Dr Jenna Macciochi explains that it’s not just ...


Why Changing The Way You Breathe Will Transform Your Body and Mind with James Nestor

In today’s episode, we’re returning to one of my favourite topics. Breathwork is where my personal and professional interests collide. How we brea...


The Power of Pain with Julia Samuel

Caution: contains mild swearing and adult themes If there is any certainty in life, it is that things will never stay the same, yet so many of ...


Jay Shetty on How to Think Like a Monk and Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose

I am delighted to kick off Season 4 of Feel Better Live More with former monk turned social media superstar, Jay Shetty. After having spent three ...


How To Break Free From The Limitations Of Your Mind with Peter Crone

CAUTION ADVISED: this podcast contains swearing. Today, I welcome Peter Crone, aka ‘The Mind Architect’ back to the podcast. Peter is a wri...


How To Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life with Nir Eyal

We are living through a crisis of distraction. Plans get sidetracked, friends are ignored, work never seems to get done. You sit down at your...

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