Feel Great Lose Weight - US Edition

Dr Chatterjee has created a conscious, long-lasting approach to weight loss that helps to find the best solutions that work for you.

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I want to empower you to become the architect of your own health. Because when you feel better, you live more.

Since its launch in January 2018, my ‘Feel Better, Live More’ podcast has grown rapidly to become the Number 1 health podcast in the UK & Europe. It regularly tops the Apple Podcast charts and over half a million people watch and listen each week. It has already been downloaded over 30 million times and has over 6000 reviews on Apple podcasts with an average 5 star rating.

New long form episode released every Wednesday and, new for 2021, a shorter bite-sized episode is released every Friday. I hope you enjoy listening.





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Why Emotions Matter More Than You Think with Professor Marc Brackett

CAUTION ADVISED: this podcast contains mild swearing and themes of an adult nature. Today’s conversation is all about our emotions and my...


BITESIZE | The 6 Keys to Happiness | Meik Wiking

Despite our cultural differences, we have a very similar view of happiness across the world. So, what can we learn from the world’s happiest count...


How to Build Exceptional Relationships and Why You Should with David Bradford and Carole Robin

I believe that in many ways, the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. Good quality relationships help us with our phy...


BITESIZE | Why We All Need to Feel Connected | Johann Hari

CAUTION ADVISED: this podcast contains swearing and themes of an adult nature. ‘When individuals see themselves as part of a connected tapestry...


Gut Health: Everything You Need to Know

Gut health is a hot topic these days, with more and more research showing that our gut health impacts so much more than simply our digestive ...


BITESIZE | Why Friendships, Community and Compassion Matter for Our Health | Dr Julian Abel

Compassion, friendships and strong community connections don’t just make us feel good, they can have powerful effects on our health and longevity....


The Voice In Our Head and How to Harness It, with Dr Ethan Kross

Do you have a voice inside your head? For most of us, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. And we often turn to this voice for guidance, ideas and wi...


BITESIZE | Why You Should Change Your Lifestyle With The Seasons | Dallas Hartwig

How we eat, sleep and exercise in January should be different to how we do those things in July.  We intuitively know this, but have we lost ...


How To Change Your Mindset and Transform Your Life with Ryan Holiday

CAUTION ADVISED: This podcast contains swearing. Today’s conversation takes a deep dive into an ancient philosophy and comes out with som...


BITESIZE | Why Giving Back Is The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do | John McAvoy

CAUTION: Contains swearing. Making changes in life and overcoming obstacles can sometimes seem insurmountable, but if this man can turn his lif...

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