Feel Great Lose Weight - US Edition

Dr Chatterjee has created a conscious, long-lasting approach to weight loss that helps to find the best solutions that work for you.

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I want to empower you to become the architect of your own health. Because when you feel better, you live more.

Since its launch in January 2018, my ‘Feel Better, Live More’ podcast has grown rapidly to become the Number 1 health podcast in the UK & Europe. It regularly tops the Apple Podcast charts and over half a million people watch and listen each week. It has already been downloaded over 30 million times and has over 6000 reviews on Apple podcasts with an average 5 star rating.

New long form episode released every Wednesday and, new for 2021, a shorter bite-sized episode is released every Friday. I hope you enjoy listening.





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BITESIZE | Simple Daily Habits to Reduce Stress and Anxiety | Dr Mithu Storoni

We are living in the middle of a stress epidemic – the World Health Organization calls stress ‘the health epidemic of the twenty-first centu...


The Truth About Calories with Dr Herman Pontzer

We’ve been told that the more we move, the more calories we will burn but today’s guest is here to explain why this way of thinking is wrong. Dr H...


BITESIZE | Transform Your Life with a Digital Detox | Cal Newport

Digital technology is slowly eroding downtime from our lives. The constant flow of digital noise is affecting our ability to be alone with our tho...


How To Achieve The Impossible with Steven Kotler

CAUTION: This episode contains swearing and themes of an adult nature. Today’s conversation is about unlocking your full potential, striving fo...


BITESIZE | How to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Mental Health | Matt Haig

Rates of stress and anxiety are increasing and it’s estimated that 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems at some point in our lives....


The Power of Movement and How to Make It Easy

This week’s episode is a special compilation episode all about movement. As the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer (a...


BITESIZE | Find Your Purpose and Transform Your Life | Rich Roll

So many of us these days are living lives that are not truly ours.  Feel Better Live More Bitesize is my weekly podcast for your mind, bod...


Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon with Dr Rahul Jandial

Today I’m delighted to welcome one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons, Dr Rahul Jandial back onto the podcast. I first spoke to Rahu...


BITESIZE | How to Build Closer Connections with Your Children | Philippa Perry

How do we improve our relationships with our children?  And what should we do when we make mistakes? Feel Better Live More Bitesize is my ...


How To Achieve Your Goals Effortlessly with Greg McKeown

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the path to success is paved with relentless work. The more important the goal, the harder we have to grind...

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