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Why When You Eat Matters with Professor Satchin Panda PART 1

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  June 6, 2018

Dr Chatterjee talks to Professor Satchidananda Panda of the Salk Institute in California, a leading expert in the field of circadian rhythm and whose research is transforming our lives everyday worldwide.

Episode Highlights:

  • Listen to PART 2 of the podcast.
  • Satchin explains our Circadian Rhythms and how this is reflected in our daily lives.
  • How did Satchin start to look at time restricted feeding and how did his research begin?
  • What did Satchin find out about the health of mice and the incidents of chronic disease when restricting their eating window to 10 hours out of every 24 hours?
  • Hear why Satchin believes that access to food 24/7 has contributed to the rise of chronic disease.
  • What has Satchin learnt about digestion and the digestive tract and how it works at different rates throughout the day and night?
  • Listen to how Satchin & Rangan draw on evolutionary history.
  • Which external factors does Satchin explain affect our circadian clocks?
  • How does Satchin believe a sleep-deprived brain encourages us to eat more?
  • Satchin explains recent studies showing that the time of day when certain pharmaceutical drugs are taken can have an impact on their efficacy.
  • Hear how Satchin is looking at time restricting eating in humans using a mobile app
'One of the contributors to chronic disease is our ability to have access to food 24/7' Share on X

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Dr. Rangan Chatterjee MbChB, BSc (Hons), MRCP, MRCGP