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How to Grow New Brain Cells with Dr Sandrine Thuret

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  January 9, 2019

Can adults grow new neurons? Until relatively recently, experts believed the answer was no. But neuroscientist, Sandrine Thuret explains why she believes humans can indeed generate new brain cells, a process called neurogenesis. She discusses the findings of the fascinating research in this area and gives practical advice on how we can help our brains better perform neurogenesis through our lifestyles- improving mood, increasing memory formation and preventing the decline associated with ageing along the way. This is an empowering and eye-opening conversation – I hope you enjoy it!

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Episode Highlights:

  • What is neurogenesis?
  • Do our brains stop developing?
  • What is the function of the hippocampus?
  • How can regeneration of the hippocampus help our memory & emotions?
  • What happens to new nerve cells created during neurogenesis?
  • What affect does Sandrine see that chronic stress can have on the process of neurogenesis?
  • How can we improve our rate of neurogenesis?
  • Hear how Sandrine has seen that running & exercise can have an impact on neurogenesis
  • How can sleep affect neurogenesis?
  • How is Sandrine and a team across Europe looking at how diet can affect neurogenesis?
  • What have they found out about how intermittent fasting affects neurogenesis?
  • Hear how studies have seen that Alzheimer’s disease in rodents can be cured by using intermittent fasting.
  • Are their specific foods that help to promote neurogenesis?
  • How does alcohol affect neurogenesis?
  • What have studies shown about the affect of omega-3 on patients with depression?
  • Why won’t running help everyone to increase their brain function?
  • What has research shown about food texture and brain health?
  • How does sex affect neurogenesis?
  • What lifestyle changes has Sandrine made after her research into neurogenesis?
  • What are Sandrine’s top tips?
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Dr. Rangan Chatterjee MbChB, BSc (Hons), MRCP, MRCGP