Episode 27: Why We Sleep with Matthew Walker PART 2

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  July 18, 2018

Dr Chatterjee talks to world-leading sleep researcher, author of the international best-selling book Why We Sleep and Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Matthew Walker. They discuss everything you ever needed to know about sleep in this 2-Part interview.  In Part 2 they discuss how sleep affects every aspect of our health – how sleep deprivation can affect our blood sugar levels, increase our risk of heart attack and impact our mental health. They discuss alcohol’s impact on sleep and the staggering financial costs associated with lost sleep.   Finally, Matthew provides his top tips for optimising your sleep.

Episode Highlights:

  • Link to PART 1 of the podcast.
  • Feel Better Live More Podcast Survey
  • How does sleep effect other areas of our bodies?
  • When the clocks change, how does daylight-saving affect heart conditions?
  • How does sleep affect our immune systems?
  • Why do we want to rest & sleep when we become ill?
  • Rangan & Matthew discuss the lack of sleep education in UK medical schools.
  • Link to FB Live with Matthew Walker
  • Link to Lancet paper – A sleep prescription for medicine
  • Can improved sleep help our mental health?
  • Rand corporation survey – Why Sleep Matters: Quantifying the Economic Costs of Insufficient Sleep
  • What are the financial costs associated with lack of sleep?
  • What are Matthew’s top tips to improve sleep?
  • Why is it important to ensure our beds are associated with sleep?
  • How does alcohol affect our sleep?
  • How does lack of sleep affect your ‘eating’ hormones?

Watch the video version of this interview in full below.

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Matthew’s book – Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams

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