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Happy Mind, Happy Life: 10 Simple Ways to Feel Great Every Day. A science-backed guide to a calmer, happier you.

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I want to empower you to become the architect of your own health. Because when you feel better, you live more.

Since its launch in January 2018, my ‘Feel Better, Live More’ podcast has grown rapidly to become the Number 1 health podcast in the UK & Europe. It regularly tops the Apple Podcast charts and over half a million people watch and listen each week. It has already been downloaded over 45 million times and has over 6000 reviews on Apple podcasts with an average 5 star rating.

New long form episode released every Wednesday and, new for 2021, a shorter bite-sized episode is released every Friday. I hope you enjoy listening.





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BITESIZE | How To Connect With Nature for Greater Health and Happiness | Tony Riddle

Our modern lifestyles are moving us further away from our natural state, but there are ways of living that are much more in sync with our human bi...


How To Train Your Attention and Improve Your Life with Dr Amishi Jha

Where is your attention right now? Hopefully it’s on these words – but if you’re getting distracted and are contemplating what you’ll have for din...


BITESIZE | How to Improve Your Mental Fitness | Natasha Devon

We all know what to do to maintain our physical fitness, but we often don’t think about our mental fitness. Feel Better Live More Bitesize is m...


The Secret To Pain-Free Running (and Walking!) with Helen Hall

Human beings were born to run. No sooner have we learned to walk than we’re breaking into a run – it’s just another gear. So why do so many of us ...


BITESIZE | Simple Daily Habits to Improve Your Brain Health | Dr Rahul Jandial

The brain is our most vital and complex organ, and there are simple things we can all do to keep it healthy and improve its performance. Feel B...


Powerful Daily Habits to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This week’s episode is a special compilation episode all about stress: what it is, where it comes from, and what we can do to manage it better in ...


BITESIZE | How To Fear Less | Dr Pippa Grange

Fear can hold us back in all aspects of our life and stop us from living a life filled with passion and deep fulfilment. Feel Better Live More ...


How To Eat To Beat Depression And Anxiety with Dr Drew Ramsey

We know how vital what we eat is for our physical health. What’s less widely appreciated, despite a wealth of evidence, is just how important the ...


INTRODUCING | Built to Thrive | An Amazon Original

I’m excited to announce I’ve just launched a brand new daily podcast called Built to Thrive, exclusively on Amazon Music.  I’ve decided to sh...


How To Rewrite Your Life Story with John McAvoy

CAUTION: This episode contains themes of an adult nature. Before he came to see me today, my guest John McAvoy took a walk around Strangeways p...

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