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BONUS | Why Running A Marathon Will Change Your Life with Hugh Brasher 

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  September 25, 2022

RE-RELEASE: This episode first aired in October 2021.

To enter to ballot for 2023 click here www.londonmarathon2023.com/ballot

This Sunday 3rd October, I’ll be one of 50,000 people taking to the streets to run the Virgin Money London Marathon. So, in preparation for what I’m told will be a life-changing day, I spoke to its Event Director, Hugh Brasher. But this episode is more than a conversation about running. It’s about the magic that happens when hundreds of thousands of people come together and revel in what’s possible.

We begin by talking about its history, the famous atmosphere, crowd support and many other factors that make the London Marathon experience unique. We also talk about the vision behind the London Marathon, its inspirational aims and objectives that are still based around those drawn up by Hugh’s father, who co-founded the race 40 years ago. And they have more to do with social unity than sporting prowess.

If it’s running tips you’re after, there are plenty of them here. But we also discuss the importance of personal goals – how there’s more to marathon success than a certain finishing time. We talk about making mass-participation events more diverse, supporting the ‘back of the pack’ runners but also how we can use physical activity as a tool for life transformation.

Whether you run, walk, spectate, volunteer, or watch it on TV, I hope this conversation might inspire you to get involved one day with the London Marathon. Or perhaps you’ll seek out an event more local to you. The point, that Hugh makes so beautifully here, is that the sport is almost secondary. This event is about community, commitment, coming together and celebrating the human spirit. I’ll see you on the start line.

To enter to ballot for 2023 click here www.londonmarathon2023.com/ballot

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