The Stress Solution-Body, Mind , Relationships and Purpose

A series of practical solutions and simple interventions to help you de-stress and re-set your life.



5 Breathing Techniques to Help Reduce Stress

Breathing is information. The more stressed you feel, the faster you breathe, and your brain will notice this and read it as a signal that things are not going well. That fast, shallow breathing which happens when you’re stressed is effectively te...


Rainbow Chart

Make eating healthier easier with my Rainbow Chart. Download and print this out to place on your fridge. Click the link below:


The cause behind the pain: What are the key migraine triggers and how to treat it

Headaches are an extremely common problem with over 90% of the population estimated to suffer from headaches in any given year. The most common fo...


Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

  A new mental health care service has being launched to help GPs who are struggling with stress and unmanageable workloads. A recent study ...

Food Health

Kids eating too much sugar at breakfast

Public Health England have announced today that the average child in England eats more than half of their sugar consumption before they even get to...

Food Health

Is it possible to make diseases disappear?

  Despite the title, there is no trickery or magic involved with this. Getting to the root cause of disease is what I’m passionate about. My ...


A new way forward for the NHS?

The NHS is crumbling under the weight of chronic disease. This is largely driven by diet and lifestyle factors.This is a societal problem and t...


SugarByHalf Campaign

Added sugar in the diet is a real problem. It is very hard to avoid these days as it is present in most processed foods. I am delighted to supp...


How do you stay healthy whilst travelling?

How do you stay healthy whilst travelling? My conversation with Dallas Hartwig co-author of the #whole30 live from Boulder, Colorado. Posted by...


Is personalised lifestyle medicine the way to treat depression?

Is personalised lifestyle medicine the way to treat depression? I am live in London with Kelly Brogan MD – Holistic Psychiatrist Posted b...


Is Inflammation the underlying cause of Depression?

A new paper has been published ( suggesting that one can predict which patients suffering from depression will respond to...

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