The Stress Solution-Body, Mind , Relationships and Purpose

A series of practical solutions and simple interventions to help you de-stress and re-set your life.



5 Breathing Techniques to Help Reduce Stress

Breathing is information. The more stressed you feel, the faster you breathe, and your brain will notice this and read it as a signal that things are not going well. That fast, shallow breathing which happens when you’re stressed is effectively t...


Gut Health and why we need to throw out the rule-book with Professor Tim Spector

In this episode Dr Rangan Chatterjee speaks to Professor Tim Spector.  He is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at Kings College London, a m...


Book Review of The Four Pillar Plan

This a book review of The Four Pillar Plan, by the book industry’s prestigious flagship publication, The Bookseller, first published on...


Flex on a Step – Wake up your sleepy glutes

MOVEMENT 1 – Flex on a Step ‘Flex on a step’ is the first movement out of a series of four movements that are detailed in...


Hip Adduction – Wake up your sleepy glutes

MOVMENT 2 – HIP ADDUCTION This is the second movement in a series of 4 movements that are detailed in the ‘Wake up your sleepy ...


Foot Clocks – Wake up your sleepy glutes

MOVEMENT 3 – FOOT CLOCKS The is the third movement in a series of 4 movements that are outlined in the ‘Wake up your sleepy glu...


3D Hip Extension – Wake up your sleepy glutes

MOVEMENT 4 – 3D Hip Extension ‘3D Hip Extension’ is the final movement from the ‘Wake up your sleepy glutes’ ...


Wake up your sleepy glutes FAQs: A conversation with Gary Ward

para Also see the full Wake up your sleepy glutes video series: para DISCLAIMER: The content in this blog is not intended to cons...


4 tips that may help your back pain

para Back pain can be extremely debilitating. It is always worth going to see your doctor to rule out serious causes. Thankfully, the major...


How To Start and End Every Day A Little Bit Healthier

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the constant barrage of “health tips” we are all exposed to these days? What is the best diet? What is the...


Introducing the 5 Minute Kitchen Workout

 Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go to the gym to have an effective workout. My 5 minute kitchen workout is an easy (and fre...

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