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Why Good Health Begins in the Mouth with Dr Steven Lin

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  January 25, 2019

Many of us think of the dentist as a place we go when we have a hole in our tooth. The dentist fixes the hole and that’s the end of the story. But dentist, Dr Steven Lin, explains why oral health is really a message of what’s going on in the rest of the body. He believes that we can prevent diseases by understanding the signs and symptoms and recognising that chronic diseases don’t just happen overnight. He explains why good oral health is about so much more than just brushing and flossing – our breathing, our sleep and our nutrient levels all play an important role. We discuss the link between the oral microbiome and the gut microbiome. Steven also talks about the simple strategies that we can all adopt to improve our overall health. This is a really fascinating conversation – I hope you enjoy it!

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Episode Highlights:

  • How can dental problems show signs of chronic illness later in life?
  • What is the oral microbiome?
  • What is the link between the oral microbiome and the gut microbiome and how is this established at birth?
  • What does Steven think is causing problems with the health of our teeth?
  • How do sugar and simple carbohydrates affect your teeth from the outside?
  • What can we do to build up the defence system in our teeth and help prevent tooth decay?
  • What are the vital vitamins that Steven thinks are essential for healthy teeth?
  • Rangan mentions a study that showed the concept of eating avocado’s and carrots together can increase the absorption of beta carotene (vitamin A).
  • Why is fat so important in our diet?
  • What is a key age for the development of adult teeth?
  • Why is the way we breathe important to our dental health and our quality of sleep?
  • Hear the similarities between good nutrition for our teeth, our brains and our gut.
  • How can new pro-biotic toothpaste products help us?
  • Steven talks about a study published in 2017 that shows a correlation between daily use of alcoholic mouthwash and pre-diabetes.
  • Hear about how Steven is seeing the need for functional dentistry across the health-sphere.
  • What happens to our oral microbiome during pregnancy?
  • Rangan references a paper on the oral microbiome by Phil Marsh from the Department of Oral Biology at the School of Dentistry, University of Leeds.
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Steven’s book:

The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health

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Dr. Rangan Chatterjee MbChB, BSc (Hons), MRCP, MRCGP