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Eat Your Way to Better Energy with James Collins

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  January 30, 2019

Who doesn’t want to achieve their personal best – whether it’s at work, during an exercise class or playing with their children? Yet how many of us think about how we are fuelling our bodies to cope with the demands of the day? Elite sports nutritionist, James Collins, has worked with the likes of Arsenal FC, England Football and Team GB to ensure they are on peak form when it counts. He believes that there is too much focus on aesthetics and not enough on energy and how we use food to fuel our bodies.

James discusses simple food principles that we can all follow to feel at our best in our daily lives. We also discuss how sleep and caffeine can affect performance. And, how we are all more capable than we think we are at any age. I hope you enjoy this conversation! Lack of energy is a common complaint that I see in my practice – I have therefore created a FREE energy video-series. You can sign-up to watch it here.

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Episode Highlights:

  • How did James come to work with athletes at the London 2012 Olympic games and then onto Arsenal football club?
  • What are the similarities James has seen when working with world-class athletes and improving everyday energy?
  • What does James think about our obsession with weight-loss?
  • Why does James think we need to focus on nutrition to improve our energy rather than how we look?
  • What are the basic rules of nutrition for everyone?
  • Hear James and Rangan discuss the importance of protein and how this part of our diet can affect our muscle recovery before and after exercise.
  • What are protection foods?
  • Hear how James thinks we can shape our food intake dependent on our daily energy use.
  • What is a maintenance meal?
  • Why does James look to ‘upskill’ his clients, no matter who they are?
  • What does Rangan do to ensure his energy and nutrition are optimum during his book tours?
  • How can we tailor our breakfast depending on our daily demands?
  • Hear James and Rangan talk about sleep and nutrition and how jetlag can affect our energy?
  • What are James’ home essentials and why does he sometime recommend protein shakes?
  • Why is protein so important in the older population?
  • How can caffeine affect performance and energy levels?
  • What are James’s top tips?

Click the image below to watch the the video version of this interview in full.

'Our body is our own high-performance vehicle and our engine is our metabolism turning our food into energy.' Click To Tweet

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