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The Healing Power of Community

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  December 15, 2021

CAUTION: Contains swearing and themes of an adult nature.

This is the final podcast episode of the year – I have decided to take a short break from the podcast over Christmas to switch off and relax with my family and it’s that sentiment that has influenced the topic of this final compilation episode.

This is the time of year where many of us take a pause, spend time with our loved ones and think of others. So, I thought this was the perfect time to celebrate the magic that happens when community comes together. This week, my team and I have put together some of the very best inspirational clips around this topic.

Humans are not designed to be alone. We’ve evolved to live our lives as individual members of a large supportive group. Back when the human brain was doing much of its evolution, we hunted together, we ate together and we sat around a campfire in the evenings and talked together, swapping stories, songs and smiles. We’re designed to survive and thrive by being connected to one another. This is why we feel joyful and safe when we‘re getting along well with the people we share our lives with. But our modern, busy, disconnected lives can do great damage to these connections and our health.

A rising number of us are suffering from loneliness and this is not only affecting our mental health, but also our physical health. In fact, high social stress is an even bigger risk factor for dying from chronic disease than physical inactivity, alcohol intake and smoking put together! The good news is though, there is plenty we can do to build new connections and nurture the important relationships in our lives.

Research has shown time and time again, that by giving to others and to our community, we can increase our own happiness, as well as the happiness of others. In today’s episode, you will hear some heart-warming stories and uplifting advice about the healing power of community from some of my former guests including: Gabor Mate, Johann Hari, Dan Buettner, Tommy Wood, Laurie Santos, Julian Abel, Pippa Grange, The Happy Pear, Kelly McGonigal and John McAvoy.

My team and I really enjoyed putting this episode together for you. I hope you enjoy listening, and I hope it inspires you to live a more contented and connected life.

This episode includes clips from:

Disclaimer: The content in the podcast and on this webpage is not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.*

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