Episode 29: Amelia Freer on What We Need to Eat

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  September 26, 2018

Nutritionist and best-selling author Amelia Freer has a refreshingly fluid and flexible approach to healthy eating. She believes that we should shift the focus away from what we shouldn’t eat, which can be damaging and focus instead on what we can eat.  Amelia and I discuss her positive nutrition pyramid, which provides a framework of what she believes you should be working towards eating every day.  We delve into how emotional issues can affect the food choices that we make and discuss her own personal journey into the world of nutrition.   Amelia also shares some fantastic tips.  I really hope you enjoy listening!

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Episode Highlights:

  • Amelia explains how she came to write her 3 best-selling books (links to books below)
  • Rangan & Amelia discuss how they learning from their patients’ experiences.
  • Hear how Amelia sees more and more stress-related eating problems in her practice.
  • Amelia & Rangan talk about social media and how much of a distraction it can be.
  • What health problems did Amelia suffer from in her teenage years?
  • Did Amelia think that significantly changing her diet would improve her symptoms?
  • Hear about Amelia’s Positive Nutrition Pyramid, a guide to a minimum healthy daily food intake.
  • Why does she think that food and diet should be seen in a more positive light?
  • What does Amelia think about porridge?
  • Does Amelia use elimination diets with her clients?
  • Hear Amelia talk about the challenges of becoming a mother and how she changed her diet in response to breast feeding.
  • What is Amelia’s new passion and what personal benefits has she discovered?
  • Why are frozen chopped onions, garlic, herbs & chillies essential in Amelia’s house?
  • What are Amelia’s top tips to feel better?
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